Vocational education and training (VET) is an essential component of economic growth. As VET is strongly related to skills development, it could be inferred that VET contributes to professional development.

Among the most important outcomes of VET is the acquisition and the further improvement of professional skills and knowledge in various fields. There is no doubt that the ongoing developments in various sectors of the economy, trade, construction and technology urge employees to participate in VET programmes funded by national and EU institutions so that to be able to adapt to the ongoing changes.

It should be noted that employees with advanced professional skills and knowledge are more likely to get a promotion as they seem to be more capable to deal with various professional challenges.

In addition, employees who attended VET programmes seem to be more confident and happy with their daily tasks. It could be inferred that individuals who are happy with their work tend to be more creative.

G.S. Europractices Ltd recognizes the key role of VET in the economic and social life. Our company is an accredited Vocational Education Centre and Vocational Education Structure, by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD). We strongly believe that skill development is the cornerstone for a better society. The participants who attend our seminars have the opportunity to further develop their skills in various fields.

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