Nowadays, ebranding and digital marketing contribute to the attraction of potential new clients, as well as, to the establishment of trust relationships with current customers.

G.S. Europractices Ltd has recognized the key role of social media in the areas of branding and marketing and implemented the vocational education and training programme “Ebranding & Digital Marketing”, which was subsidized by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD).

The energy and the professionalism of the trainer, Mr. Panayiotis Kyriacou, sparked the participants’ interest. Specifically, the participants of the seminar came from the following companies:

Furthermore, our company gave the opportunity to three self-employed and one unemployed individuals to attend the programme and acquire basic knowledge in the fields of ebranding and digital marketing.

All participants were satisfied with both the content and the organisation of the programme.

Participants’ Testimonials:

“Very interesting seminar, very good and updated trainer. Very good organisation. Professional approach by all the members of the team”, Alexandros Alexopoulos

 “I found this course very useful. Real ‘value for money’”, Charilaos Stavrakis Ltd

“A course, simple and straight forwards. Especially if you are at a beginner level it will help you a lot. Thank you!”, CITC LTD

“Digital Marketing course at G.S. Europractices was a very informative course covering all aspects of digital marketing. Imperative for all businesses to have a solid presence at social media. Our trainer, Mr. Kyriacou, explained all in detail with very interesting contact and videos. Looking forward to put all knowledge into practice and see results. Definitely worth attending by all.”, Chronos Travel Ltd

In this point, G.S. Europractices Ltd would like to thank ANAD for funding the programme, the participants and the trainer.

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