G.S. Europractices Ltd acknowledges the key role of basic digital skills and knowledge so it implemented the vocational education and training programme “Basic Digital Skills and Knowledge”, subsidized by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD).

The participants have been satisfied from the content of the seminar, the trainer, Christina Archontous, and the overall organisation of the seminar. Specifically, some of the participants stated the following:

I found out that you cannot live without a computer. Litsa Ioannou

I acquired a knowledge of computers by myself. However, the seminar assisted me to improve my knowledge and acquire the basic knowledge in Excel. Lefteris Ioannou

The seminar helped me to improve my knowledge in various programmes such as Email, Word and Excel. I am strongly recommending it. Our teacher, Mrs. Christina Archontous was marvelous!!! Androulla Angellidou

I understood what is Word, Excel and email, as well as, the relevant computer terminology. We had had a practice too. Maria Constantinou

Our trainer was wonderful, marvelous and patient. We’ve got the maximum benefits from this programme. Nicos Constantinou

In this point we would like to thank the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD) for funding this programme, the trainer Christiana Archontous and of course all those who participated in this programme.

Our company has been accredited by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD) as a Vocational Training Centre and as a Vocational Training Structure, and implements several vocational education and training programmes in accordance with the needs of the labour market.

Stay tuned for upcoming seminars!

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