The major outcome of the ongoing technological development is the establishment of the
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as an essential component of everyday life. There is no doubt that citizens need to be equipped with the basic digital knowledge and skills that will enable them to use a computer and enjoy the benefits of the digital era.

Digital Skills and e-governance:
The ongoing evolution of ICTs enable the governments to launch a communication channel with the citizens. Nevertheless, the most important outcome of e-governance is that it enables citizens to carry out their transactions with various government institutions effectively and efficiently. For instance, the citizens may pay their bills, taxes etc. Therefore, the acquisition of digital skills makes everyday life easier.

Digital Skills and productivity:
There is no doubt that productivity and economic growth are directly connected. Employees with basic digital skills and knowledge seem to be more productive in their work. Hence, knowing how to use a computer is definitely an added value. High productivity leads to more production and thus to economic growth.

Digital Skills and communication:
Another important outcome of ICTs is the acceleration and facilitation of communication regardless of time and space. That is to say, internet enable people to communicate people with friends, family and people whom they share common interests.

G.S. Europractices Ltd promotes the acquisition of basic digital skills and knowledge:
Our company promotes the acquisition and development of basic digital skills and knowledge by implementing relevant vocational training and education programmes. Currently, G.S. Europractices is implementing the subsidized by the Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD) vocational training and education programme “Acquisition of Basic Digital Skills and Knowledge”

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