Internet is embedded in the everyday life. In other words, it has a great impact on economy, society and interpersonal relations.  Individuals use the internet to buy various goods and services, submit applications in the public and private sector, communicate with their friends etc.

Many times internet users are urged to give their personal data, such as name, phone number, email, address, and credit/debit card number a.o., in order to complete a purchase or create an account in a web platform. Therefore, the users should be adequately informed on emerging dangers that may face while surfing on the internet.

In the digital era it is required to promote an internet safety culture. In addition to this, the users need to have the necessary digital knowledge and skills.

Some of the most important internet dangers are:

  1. Viruses;
  2. Personal Data Phishing;
  3. Carry out transactions in an insecure environment;
  4. Cyberbullying;

The emerging risks should not prevent us from using the internet as the internet facilitates the daily life to a great extent. Nevertheless, the safe use of the internet contributes the optimization of the benefits associated with it.

Some tips for safe internet use:

  • Activate antivirus applications as a good antivirus detect viruses;
  • Do not open attached documents if you do not know the sender;
  • Never give passwords and other login credentials;
  • Do not give personal data, such as name, phone number, address, email, credit card number etc., especially if you are not aware how your data will be used;
  • Carry out your online transactions in reputable and secure websites, so that to limit the risk of data phishing;
  • Report cyberbullying to the Combat of Cybercrime Authority.

The internet users shall be thoroughly informed on the emerging risks related to the wide use of the web. A well informed internet user will be able to navigate on the web safely so that to acquire the maximum benefit.

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