About Us

Few Words about our company

G.S. Europractices Ltd is non-for-profit company established in 2011. The headquarters of the organisation is in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company is focused on the field areas of social improvement, gender mainstreaming, education, immigration, media and culture. G.S. Europractices Ltd supports the aforementioned priorities throughout Public Benefits Programmes, as well as by conducting research and providing consulting on skill development. In 2016, G.S. Europractices Ltd has been accredited as a Certified Vocational Training Centre and Certified Vocational Training Structure by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD).

The range of our activities is extended to:
– Consulting Services aiming at promoting public interest
– Coordinating and participating in short-term and long-term projects funded by the European Union, the Republic of Cyprus and other entities and institutions

G.S. Europractices has already implemented seven projects. Currently, the organisation is implementing four projects and vocational training seminars, funded by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority. G.S. Europractices cooperates with universities, NGOs, local authorities, government institutions and other private and public institutions, for the implementation of various projects. The company is planning to implement more projects and vocational training seminars in the near future.

Our Vision

The vision of G.S. Europractices Ltd is to contribute to construct a society in which social justice and gender equality prevail, and all citizens regardless of gender and origin, will be able to enjoy their rights freely without any form of discrimination.

Our Mission

Our mission is focused on relieving poverty, combating injustice, corruption and discrimination, and promoting well-being and prosperity by ensuring that the necessary policies and practices are adequately established. Among others, we aim at promoting Human Rights, gender equality and the world peace.

Our Companys' Objectives

The work of the company is based on the following strategic objectives:

1. Setting an alternative agenda aiming at promoting other options and solutions to current agendas and issues in the field areas of Human Rights and Gender Equality and Development.

2. Influencing the government aiming at urging the government institutions to be more committed while defining and implementing their policy on Human Rights and Gender Equality at a national and international level.

3. Increasing the knowledge base aiming at generating, collating and disseminating a strong evidence-based knowledge on Human Rights, gender equality, social improvement and Skills Development.

4. Adaptation and innovation aiming at assisting individuals to improve their efficiency and enhance their competitive advantage by supporting creativity and, sharing of knowledge and strategic flexibility. However, in order to achieve this, individuals must be willing to face these changes and integrate them in their everyday life and work.

5. Encouraging the exchange and collaboration among trainees by providing support, transferring know-how and converting them into new job and business opportunities.

Each of the aforementioned objectives are equally important for us.

Our Team

Our core asset is our team. The team of G.S. Europractices Ltd is comprised by highly motivated and qualified consultants, such as economists, lawyers, sociologists, bankers, psychologists, researchers and journalists. Among others, the company has a closed cooperation with various experts and academics. 

Our team has developed a long standing and consolidated knowledge in the following areas, at a national and international level:

+ Gender Mainstreaming

+ Training and Educational Services

+ Vocational Training and Education

+ Media Services

+ Financial Services

+ International Marketing and Promotional Activities

Feel free to contact us for more information or queries.

+357 22 353 222 / info@europractices.com